Don't Make Decorating a Dilemma: Keep Your Options Open with a Modular Lounge

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Don't Make Decorating a Dilemma: Keep Your Options Open with a Modular Lounge

24 October 2017
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If you're the kind of decorator who always needs a project and tires quickly of your home's current decor, you'll know that it can be a costly hobby. No matter how economical you are, having to replace key aspects of your room on a regular basis adds up fast. One way to offset this is to build your room with elements that are innately suited to changing it up — such as, for example, a modular sofa. Here's how and why.

Easy to Rearrange

As you may know, you can purchase as few or as many elements as you like for your modular lounge — but the flexibility doesn't end there. You can also take those elements apart and rearrange them whenever you like, allowing you to completely restructure the look and feel of your living room whenever you feel like it. You're not limited in the same way as you would be with a fixed lounger. (This is also a bonus for cleaning, as they're easily moved... but that's not quite as fun as redecorating, is it?)

Neutral Base Colour

Sticking with a 'blank canvas' colour such as white, cream, brown or black will allow you to completely overhaul the colour scheme of your room without purchasing a new sofa. You can transform your modular sofa with throws, cushions and blankets in line with the latest trends. Plus, as mentioned above, you can take parts out if you like. If there's a current decorating trend for corner sofas, you can transform yours into one with little effort — and no expenditure. Perfect! 


Because you can take the sofas apart and put them back together at will, they're extremely easy to store — far more so than traditional furniture. As such, there's no need to throw sheets over your furniture when you paint the walls or ceilings. You can just move them entirely out of the way and into any room that's convenient. Besides, because they're taken into small parts, you won't need to worry about fitting them through your doors or hallways either.

In short, having a sofa that you can take apart and put back together again at your leisure is the perfect accompaniment to an ever-changing home. So long as you choose a neutral-enough colour to make your sofa fit with any colour scheme you choose to decorate with, you're set for many fresh licks of paint to come. Enjoy!