3 Considerations When Constructing a Firewood Shed

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3 Considerations When Constructing a Firewood Shed

6 November 2017
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Firewood provides a cheap source of heat for many homes during the cold season. Red gum firewood is the best since it is denser, burns for a longer period and produces a lot of heat. Since wood is bulky, it is necessary to have a storage facility within your compound. This ensures that you have a ready supply of firewood whenever it is needed. Below are several considerations when building your firewood shed:

Use aluminum frames

Although many people use wood to build their firewood sheds, aluminum is a better alternative. The first reason is that wood can be affected by water and termites. Both of these weaken the structure, and your shed can collapse unexpectedly. You will then have to incur the costs of building another shed and buying more firewood since your stock might be soaked in water. Aluminum is not affected by termites or water, and if you get a professional contractor, the firewood structure can last for decades. Another reason is because aluminum does not conduct heat. Wooden structures can easily burn down, and the fire can spread to your house. In case there is a fire in an aluminum structure, it will be contained since aluminum can withstand high temperatures.

Place the shed near the gate

Many suppliers use trucks to distribute their firewood. The firewood shed should be easily accessible by these trucks to make the work of offloading much easier. It is inconvenient to place the shed at the back of the house since the supplier might offload the firewood at the front of the house, and you will have the task of carrying them to the shed. This location is also strategic in times of emergencies. In case a fire breaks out at the firewood shed, the structure can easily be accessible to fire trucks since it will be close to the main gate.

Include several shelves

You should not stack all your firewood in one pile. This helps to avoid the accumulation of pests in your structure. It also ensures that your current stock of firewood is used up before you start using the most recent supply since you will not have to add to the current pile. An ideal strategy is marking the various shelves when the firewood was delivered.

Make sure your firewood shed is in good condition before the winter months, and you have made your orders in good time. This prevents you from running around at the last minute seeking for credible red gum firewood dealers.