Don't Forget These Details and Features When Planning a Kitchen Renovation

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Don't Forget These Details and Features When Planning a Kitchen Renovation

22 February 2018
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If you're planning a kitchen renovation of any size and scope, it's often good to work with an interior designer of sorts. A designer or decorator will ensure that no important detail is overlooked in your plans and will also be sure to suggest all the features and details needed to make your kitchen beautiful yet functional. Even if you do work with a designer, you might note some of the details and features here so that nothing is overlooked and so that you are sure to incorporate these into your kitchen renovations, rather than thinking you can retrofit certain details into the kitchen after the work is done.

Size and style of sink

Don't assume that a standard-sized, stainless steel, double sink is your only option for a kitchen or that it will be the best option for your kitchen. If you often use very large pots and pans, you may find that these are difficult to fit into that sink and that a larger, single-tub sink would be more useful for prepping fresh vegetables and other foods. A farm-style sink, which is one deep and large sink and which has a bib, or a type of lip that is exposed over the lower cabinet, can be very attractive and much more functional for your food prep needs.

Small appliance storage

It's typically not good to have more than just one or two small appliances left out on the benchtops, or the kitchen may then start to look cluttered and busy. Consider how you'll put away those small appliances when you're designing your new kitchen; this can mean a set of open, narrow shelves along one wall, or an added set of cabinets that are deeper and wider for holding your mixer, toaster and the like.

Wine storage

If you love wine, you might want to incorporate actual wine storage into your kitchen renovation plans. A separate cooler for white wines, with built-in racks that are specifically designed to hold wine bottles, can allow you to keep that wine at a perfect temperature. Another rack that is built under an upper cabinet, or that replaces a lower cabinet, can be used for red wines and others that are served at room temperature, and will keep the bottles organized and close at hand. You can also have a cabinet designed specifically for your wine glasses so these are protected from potential damage yet always easily accessible for when you're ready to open a new bottle.