When You Want Window Treatments Other Than Curtains!

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When You Want Window Treatments Other Than Curtains!

16 April 2018
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Curtains are a nice touch for just about any room in any home, as the fabric of curtains can soften a space and make it seem cosier and more relaxing and inviting. Thick curtains can also block drafts coming through old window frames and keep a home's interior more comfortable. However, curtains are not your only option for window treatments, and they may not work in every room, such as bathrooms and kitchens, where the fabric might absorb airborne oils and other such debris. If you're in the market for window treatments other than curtains, note a few pros and cons of various options, and this can help you to make your decision.


Interior shutters can create a very relaxed atmosphere in the home without taking up too much room because they sit so close to the wall. The slats of shutters also add depth to the windows, which is good to consider if you don't have much artwork on the walls or other accessories in a room, as that added depth can mean more visual interest in an otherwise boring space. Wood shutters can be painted the same colour as the walls so they blend in nicely, or you might paint them something to make them stand out. A deep rich tone on the shutters next to a light tan wall colour can make these window treatments look very elegant.

Exterior shades

If you prefer a minimalist look inside the home, you might opt for exterior shades. Since these pieces are mounted to the outside of the window, they won't interfere with the look of the windows from inside the home. Exterior shades can also keep windows cleaner, as you can close them during a storm so less rainwater and other debris reaches the windows. Many exterior shades are motorized, making it quick and convenient to close them, rather than having to fumble with clumsy cords on blinds or trying to control interior roller shades that never seem to open and close easily!


Awnings, like Luxaflex awnings, can provide shade for the interior of the home, as they can extend far enough over windows to block bothersome sun. Awnings also protect windows from rain and other such debris, and they can improve the look of the home's exterior, breaking up long exterior walls with some colour and fabric. Obviously long awnings can provide shade over a patio or deck area, adding to your comfort when you're both outside and inside the home!