3 Types of Mattresses to Meet Your Sleep Needs

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3 Types of Mattresses to Meet Your Sleep Needs

28 December 2019
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It can be challenging to find good quality sleep if you are sleeping wrong. And sleeping wrong can also be attributed to many things, including the type of mattress. The market does also not make it easier. There are millions of beds, all promising heaven, only to be disappointed. It is essential to identify a mattress firm that provides variety, allowing shoppers to pick only the best mattresses. The market has plenty of designs, and this also enables you to choose a bed based on your sleeping habits and health considerations. Some of the trending mattresses include latex foam, innerspring and memory foam.

Here is a description of each type:

Memory Foam

These are becoming the mattress of choice for many customers on the market. The reason is that it meets individual needs at both budgetary and design level. They come in low, medium and high density.

The choice is usually yours to make. You can select from the more traditional temperature-sensitive memory foam mattress, usually made from polyurethane materials. You can go for the gel-based memory foam, which many people love because of its less heat and odour. Then, of course, there is the plant-based memory foam mattress, which comes from natural and organic plant materials.

Latex Foam 

Latex is also pretty popular, especially for the more health-conscious sleepers. Although nearly similar to memory foam, its distinction is that it offers more bounce and a resilient surface. There are different varieties of latex. Some of them are from latex, which comes from rubber trees, with others from synthetic.

The natural and organic latex is generally more expensive, compared to synthetic latex. There is usually no confusion while making your purchase. The organic lines of mattress feature certification from the Global Organic Latex Standards (GOLS) to show that it's an authentic item.

Innerspring Mattresses

Most shoppers are quite familiar with this type, as it has been on the market for so many years. Its versatility means that there are budget-friendly to high-end innerspring mattresses available. You can pick from the pocketed coils, which consist of individual springs, and wrapped up in fabric. Then there is the Bonnell coils spring mattress, which is made of hour-class coils and connected with a mesh of wires.

If you are looking for that comfortable and sometimes elusive sleep, then the quality and durability of your bed should accompany any purchase decision. A high-quality mattress comes with less to no sagging at all. The unique design of most foam mattresses ensures that they support natural posture and provide that normal alignment as you zoom into slumber land. Always identify a mattress supplier who can understand, and you consider your sleeping habits and health conditions.