Easy Ways to Make a Carport Look Pretty

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Easy Ways to Make a Carport Look Pretty

20 February 2020
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It's relatively easy to see when a carport wasn't part of a home's original plan. Some carports look like an afterthought, unceremoniously tacked onto an accessible side of the structure. Though perfectly functional, they might not necessarily look all that great, and there might be a day when you ask yourself why your carport can't be prettier or at least blend into your home. There are a few things you can do, and none of them will require a huge amount of effort. 

Paint to Match

Paint the carport to match your home. This may sound like a basic course of action, but it's extremely effective. Use a roofing paint to paint the roof of your carport to be as close a match as possible to your home's rooftop shingles. You will need to prime the metallic surface first, and make sure you use a rooftop paint for its weather-resistant qualities. The carport's support struts can likewise be painted to match the home it's attached to.

Partially Enclose One Side

To give your carport the sense of being an enclosed structure, add a trellis or lattice to its open side. This can easily be attached to the carport's support struts, but before you proceed, consider whether or not such an addition will reduce the amount of sunlight coming into any nearby windows of your home. The trellis or lattice can be pre-painted to match your home, or you can choose a different colour that complements your home, as opposed to directly matching it. 

Add a Green Wall

Whether it's painted or not, you can install climbing plants at the base of the trellis or lattice. Choose a variety that's known to thrive (and grow quickly) in the Australian climate. This will soon give one side of your carport a green, living wall. Some maintenance is required, although the plant's growth is unlikely to become problematic since its height will be determined by the height of its support structure (the trellis or lattice). Ensure that the presence of the plant will not result in the loss of too much sunlight into the applicable rooms of your home. However, plants can easily be removed if you happened to miscalculate the amount of shade produced. 

A carport doesn't have to look like an afterthought that was quickly added to the side of your home. It can easily become a feature that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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