Two suggestions to keep in mind when deciding where to plant succulents in your garden

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Two suggestions to keep in mind when deciding where to plant succulents in your garden

20 February 2020
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If, after buying several succulents with the intention of planting them in your garden, you're now unsure where exactly they should be positioned in this outdoor space, you might find these suggestions helpful.

Do not put them in planter boxes with flowers that require lots of watering

When deciding where to place your new succulents, you might find yourself leaning towards the idea of putting them beside specific flowers that you already have growing in the garden because these two types of plants would look good together. Whilst it is worth ensuring that the succulents are placed near plants that complement their appearance (and vice versa), you must not put them in planter boxes in which you are already growing water-loving varieties of flowers. For example, it would be unwise to put any succulents in a planter box with irises, as the latter need the soil in which they grow to be almost permanently damp.

The reason for this is that although succulents need to be soaked in water occasionally, the moisture levels of the soil in which they're placed must be allowed to fully deplete in between these watering sessions. If the soil stays damp for too long, these succulents might develop root rot, which may affect their health and their ability to grow. As such, if they were put in with the aforementioned irises, they might die. Given this, it is best to put them near plants that have similar watering requirements.

Don't be afraid to put them in the garden's high-traffic areas

If your garden is a busy part of your home where both you and other family members spend time, then your first instinct when deciding where to put any new plants might be to choose a spot where they will be least likely to be accidentally crushed by people's feet or squashed by airborne footballs and frisbees.

However, when it comes to planting succulents, you should not be afraid to put them in your garden's high-traffic areas (such as around the edges of your patio, for example), as these plants are very resilient and are unlikely to break if they're occasionally trampled on. This is because their leaves have a thicker and more supple structure than the leaves of non-succulent plants. As such, you should take advantage of this by utilising them to decorate high-traffic areas in which delicate plants would probably not survive.

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