5 Benefits of Using Window Plantation Shutters

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5 Benefits of Using Window Plantation Shutters

7 April 2021
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When you want to switch from curtains and blinds, plantation shutters are a great choice. Many homeowners opt for shutters for their functional and aesthetic rewards. Typically, these window shutters are first mounted onto frames then attached to the window. They then provide additional privacy and improve ventilation in your home. Besides, they block light better than blinds. Read on to learn more benefits of investing in plantation shutters.

1. They Control Lighting 

Shutters regulate the amount of light that enters your room since they're installed just against your windows. They fit perfectly into the corners of the window, meaning that no light enters through the sides, as is the case with blinds and curtains. Because of that, they are excellent in preventing glare that deters you from using your television and computer comfortably. Furthermore, you can adjust shutters to suit your lighting needs.

2. They Improve Children and Pets Safety 

Ordinary windows have cords placed on low levels, and children and pets can pull and play with them easily. That is a safety hazard since the little ones can tangle themselves with the cords. Unlike ordinary windows, shutters use levers instead of cords, thus reducing the risk of harm.

3. They Are Energy-Efficient

Plantation shutters conserve energy by providing additional sealing to the windows. With proper sealing, less energy is lost through your windows. If you live in a cold area and rely on the AC to heat your home, then plantation shutters can be a great addition. The tight sealing ensures that no warm air escapes and no cold air enters the room. That enhances your air conditioner's efficiency and keeps energy consumption under control. 

4. They Are Easy to Maintain

The shutters' structure allows them to resist friction during cleaning. You can maintain them clean using a vacuum cleaner. Alternatively, you can wipe off the dust using a cloth. Unlike curtains and blinds that require extensive cleaning, plantation shutters need very minimal effort and money to clean. With these easy and affordable cleaning operations, shutters ensure that your home stays clean at all times. 

5. They Are Durable 

Most window coverings wear down quickly and fade when exposed to dust and sunlight. With proper care and maintenance, shutters are long-lasting. They come in different materials, which determine their durability. For instance, synthetic shutters resist wear and tear even in highly humid areas.

Plantation window shutters are your best choice when looking for extra coverage on your windows. You can choose shutter colours and designs to suit your living styles and home décor needs. For more information, contact a shutters supplier.