Benefits of Built-In Custom Wardrobes for Bedrooms

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Benefits of Built-In Custom Wardrobes for Bedrooms

3 June 2021
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Built-in custom bedroom wardrobes will help you stay organised and create space for all your belongings. As a result, you won't have to overstuff shelves or put items away in storage boxes. To discover the particular benefits, read on.

Maximised Storage Space

A built-in wardrobe crafted to your specifications will maximise storage space. Otherwise, with an off-the-shelf closet, you could end up with a bulky piece of furniture with some sections half-empty while other parts are crammed full. By taking an inventory of what you'll be storing in the wardrobe, you can insert the right type of storage of the right size and not waste space. 

If you have a vast shoe collection, you could design the wardrobe to house them. Long dresses require more hanging area than pants, for example, and you can plan the storage with that in mind. On the other hand, if you only need to hang shirts, you could hang them halfway up the wardrobe and install shelves above. Additionally, shelves and drawers need to be of the proper height to be helpful. For instance, a shallow drawer is perfect for socks, but you might prefer a deeper draw to contain cosmetics. 

Streamlined Room Decor

A custom built-in wardrobe will streamline your room design, as it will eliminate awkward gaps that evoke a cluttered feel. A closet crafted for your bedroom can connect seamlessly to the sidewall and ceiling so that it seems like an integral part of the room. You could smooth the same paint hue over the walls and closet to create an ultra-sleek look.

Convenient Door Opening Mechanism

You can also choose a wardrobe door style to work in the bedroom. Swinging doors reveal a wide section of storage space when open. However, they need floor area. Sliding doors are the best option in confined spaces as they move sideways. Other decisions can help in a compact bedroom also. For example, install mirrored sliding doors to make the room seem doubly large.

Consistent Home Design

A custom wardrobe lets you create a polished overall home design, as you can repeat the cabinet style in multiple rooms. For example, you could fit similar cupboards in several bedrooms or repeat the door style for a hallway closet. Depending on your kitchen design, you could echo elements on both the bedroom and kitchen storage. For instance, if the wardrobe doors feature timber with an inset centre panel, you could install kitchen cabinets with a similar door style.