Should You Replace Your Curtains With Shutters?

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Should You Replace Your Curtains With Shutters?

28 September 2021
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Of all the window treatments you might choose for your home, curtains are likely to be an option you at least consider. This is because they remain among the most popular window treatments in the whole world, not just in Australia. However, many people are now looking for different options in their homes to give them a more dynamic sense of style. Of course, blinds are an option worth considering, too, especially if you want to keep the cost down. However, modern shutters are also well worth looking into because of the numerous advantages they offer. What makes them such a good idea if you are thinking about replacing your curtains with something new?

Superb Light Control

One of the great things about shutters and curtains is that they move horizontally when you pull them across your window. By contrast, nearly all blinds operate vertically. This means you can block off just one side of your window, a good thing for north-facing aspects when the sun might be more prominent on one side in the morning compared to the afternoon and evening. Unlike curtains, though, many shutters will also allow you to control the amount of sunlight coming in with slats. Plantation-style shutters offer slats, for example, which you can adjust. The closer they are moved to the vertical, the more light is shut out. This way, you can keep your home feeling light and airy without suffering from too much glare.

Noise Reduction

Another good thing about replacing your curtains in this way is that you will enjoy a quieter home. This is particularly useful if you happen to have noisy neighbours or live near to a busy road. The physical barrier that shutters create across your windows means that they act like acoustic dampeners. They can be especially effective when fitted to bedrooms because they cut down extraneous noise, thereby helping you to drop off and get a good night's sleep.

Keep Your Windows Open

When you have shutters installed, you are likely to feel more confident about leaving your windows open without worrying about an intruder trying to crawl through. Unlike curtains, they form a physical barrier that is hard to push past. Equally, they can prevent insects from flying into your home. Either way, you will keep your home better ventilated as a result of installing them because you won't feel the need to shut your windows so much.