Reasons to Opt for a Stone Kitchen Benchtop

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Reasons to Opt for a Stone Kitchen Benchtop

4 October 2022
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You might be installing a new countertop to transform your kitchen, or you could be renovating the entire room. In either case, why not choose a stone slab for your kitchen benchtop? Here are some reasons for going this route.


One of the best traits of a stone benchtop is its unrivalled beauty. Factory-made products such as laminate can't compete with the random, natural veins and textures of organic stone. A stone slab will look more authentic than an engineered stone, as it won't have a manufactured regularity to the design. While timber counters are also natural, they don't come in the stunning colours that rock does, such as pink, green, and ivory.

Focal Point or Background

Natural stone also lets you create the kitchen you want. If you want to make the benchtop the star of the show, you can choose a dramatic white marble with dark veins. Or you could opt for granite with prominent gold and black mottles on a white background. Another option is a moody dark soapstone slab. You can also install a stone counter with a subdued look if you want it to blend in rather than stand out. For example, choose smooth beige travertine with a subtle beauty. Or what about a relatively uniform grey piece of granite? You can opt for warm, cool, light, or dark-coloured rock depending on whether you want it to be a feature or a backdrop to other kitchen components.

Long Lasting

Stone is a long-lasting substance that will last for many years. Remember, though, that different rock species vary in their porosity, and some are more sensitive to scratching and etching than others. For example, granite is typically denser and tougher than marble, which will require you to be more careful when cooking, wiping up spills, and using cutting boards. Ask your installer about what's available. They can explain the relative resilience of what's on offer. Sealing the counter will help to protect it from damage.


Stone countertops complement a wide range of kitchen styles. They look great in traditional, rustic, modern, and industrial settings. So if you renovate the kitchen in years to come, you can keep the stone and update what's around it. Additionally, rock often has multi-toned colours, and they blend with diverse colour schemes.

Kitchen benchtops can inspire the colour palette of the entire room. For example, a warmly speckled granite with yellow and black flecks could motivate you to install striking black cabinetry. Or, you could opt for a yellow and white kitchen with black accents. Many stone hues are muted and relatively neutral, which makes them harmonise with many colour palettes as well.