2 Beautiful Plant Varieties That Will Make a Perfect Border for Your Garden Pathway

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2 Beautiful Plant Varieties That Will Make a Perfect Border for Your Garden Pathway

6 October 2017
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Pathways are a popular garden feature in many Australian backyards. They provide a practical purpose, allowing you to traverse through your garden without getting your feet wet or dirty. They also provide an important visual purpose, helping to guide the eye through the garden and linking the different areas into a cohesive whole.

Whether your path is stone, pavers or decorative concrete, creating a beautiful living border is a great way to give it some character and charm. Here are two beautiful plants that will help to make your path a striking feature in your garden.

1. Alternanthera varieties

If you'd like a border plant that adds subtle colour to your garden, then one of the many Alternanthera varieties is a great choice. A hardy, perennial plant that grows low to the ground, Alternanthera varieties are often used as an attractive groundcover. They establish quickly and need only basic watering and nutrition to stay in great condition.

Alternanthera varieties provide you with a wide selection of gorgeous hues to choose from. Rich burgundy, pretty pink and regal purple are just a few of the colourful choices. You can plant them alone or combine several different varieties for a bright and beautiful living border.

2. Dianella varieties

Dianella varieties are rich, luxurious grasses that are perfect for a less tailored and more relaxed border for your path. Unlike other grass varieties, Dianella is a low growing plant that will spill gently over the outer edges of your path without taking over it completely. An Australian native, the Dianella is fairly low maintenance but does require regular watering.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose a flowering or non-flowering Dianella variety. If you opt for the non-flowering variety, rest assured your garden won't be lacking in colour. Metallic purple and blue, variegated green and white and deep emerald green varieties will add vibrancy to your garden's palette even without flowers.

Creating a beautiful border for your garden path is a way of turning a prosaic feature into a magical element that will give your backyard something very special. If you'd like to purchase either of these wonderful plants or you'd like to see what other plants will look amazing, then visit a wholesale nursery. The experienced and knowledgeable staff will be able to help you to decide which plants pr trees will make the perfect border for the meandering pathway through your backyard.