Home Maintenance: Should You Replace Your Garage Door Opener?

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Home Maintenance: Should You Replace Your Garage Door Opener?

19 October 2017
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Garage door openers are built to last long after installation. However, these components are not infallible or designed to provide service forever. Daily usage of the garage door will cause gradual wear on the internal components. Also, the technology used by your opener might be outdated, leaving your home vulnerable. If you have neglected your garage door opener since initial purchase, you should consider performing an inspection. This process will help you determine the condition of the part. Here are the primary reasons why you should think about replacing your current garage door opener. 

Garage Door Safety

You should make sure that your garage door opener has the appropriate safety features during your inspection. Moreover, these elements should be functioning as expected. In general, an automatic garage door should have two reversal systems which should prevent personal injury. The mechanical system should engage if the door panel comes in contact with an object when descending. After this, the structure should reverse immediately. Also, there should be a photoelectric component at the bottom of the door. If the sensors detect the interruption of light, the opener should reverse the movement of the door. You should ensure that your opener has these safety functionalities. 

Home Security 

In the past, homes could be infiltrated through the garage door because of the technology used for opening automated systems. Typically, a remote control is used to transmit a communication code to the opener receiver. This action triggers the opening mechanism. Unfortunately, if the same code is used for opening every time, unauthorised persons could hijack the signal. This could compromise your home security. Therefore, you should make sure that your opener uses rolling code protection during operation. This system changes the communication code between the remote and receiver after every use. The process makes it impossible for an intruder to hijack the signal. 

Noise Control

Noisy garage door openers can be a nuisance in the home. This is particularly true if you have bedrooms close to this space. If you have noticed a lot of disturbing sounds coming from your garage door opener, you should think about making a replacement. Originally, openers were primarily manufactured using a chain mechanism which raised and lowered the door during operation. Right now, there are quiet variants in the market such as screw drive and belt drive openers. These elements will not cause a disturbance in your home. 

Finally, you should consider purchasing and installing a new opener if your component has no backup power or a reliable keyless system.