Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Curtains for Your Home

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Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Curtains for Your Home

23 October 2017
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Curtains are a good choice of window treatments for any room of the home; the fabric of curtains adds softness and texture to a space, and you can use curtains to bring in some colour and pattern as well. Curtains may also work best at blocking out light and can add to a room's overall insulation. When you're ready to choose curtains for your home, note a few common mistakes you'll want to avoid, so you know you'll be happy with those pieces and that they'll actually enhance a room's decor, not detract from it.

Not considering how they'll open and close

Tab top curtains, where a piece of material loops over the curtain rod, is a very modern design that may look more updated than standard pleated curtain tops. You may prefer this type of look, but those tabs can be difficult to slide along the rod to open and close those curtains; the same is true of what are called pocket curtains, which have a long open pocket at the top. As a compromise between style and function, you might choose curtains with eyelets. An eyelet is also a more modern design than pinch pleats, and they allow the curtains to open and close freely. Whatever your choice, be sure you note how easy it will be to actually move the curtains when you're choosing their style.

Incorrect length

If a room doesn't have a curtain rod installed, buy the curtains first, and then install the rod so that you ensure the curtains reach the point where you want them to end. If the rod is already installed, note the curtain measurements, as some panels are meant to pool, or have extra fabric that gathers on the floor, and some shorter curtains are meant to brush the windowsill, while others extend past it. Whatever the case, it's good to buy the length you need rather than assuming you can trim those curtains once you purchase them.


While curtains can be the best choice for blocking sunlight, don't assume that all materials and fabrics are the same when it comes to transparency. Even thick curtains with a loose weave can let in light, whereas lightweight curtains with a dense weave can block more light. You may actually want some sunlight in a room even when curtains are closed, but may want complete blockage in a bedroom or home theatre. Check the transparency and weave of a fabric, not its colour or weight, when choosing what works best for your needed light blockage.

For more information and assistance, contact a store that offers custom made curtains.