Different Types Of Interior Design Styles

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Different Types Of Interior Design Styles

24 October 2017
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When it comes to interior design, you may be facing a challenge identifying a personal favourite out of the many styles available. Interior design is about finding what works for you and this may even involve combining a few interior design styles for a more personalised touch. In this period of the information age, you may be bombarded with a lot of materials to select from. The following are some of the interior designs you can select from. They include, industrial, traditional, transitional and bohemian interior design.

  1. Industrial interior design – This encompasses a raw style that may be found in an industrial warehouse. The style has an unfinished look and you may spot a few items in the design exposed such as wood. If you are looking to renovate space, this may be the best choice such as a warehouse. One of the advantages of industrial interior design is that it utilizes old materials like timber making it cost effective if you decide to go with this style. The finished look may be plain from the primary use of timber and metal. However, art can add a touch of colour to the design.
  2. Traditional style – This is classic interior design that pays attention to furnishing as well as accessories. The influence behind traditional interior design is heavily rooted in European culture. There are different patterns when it comes to fabric used for furnishing and this brings diversity in a given space. You may also decide to add colour using different pallets. Traditional interior design also encompasses antique pieces that bring about sophistication to the design.
  3. Transitional interior design – This borrows from the modern and traditional styles of interior design and blends them to form a style that is comforting as well as classic. You may use things like glass to bring in the modern side and combine it with traditional furnishings achieving balance with this style of interior design. The advantage of a transitional style is that there is no extreme from either a modern or traditional style resulting in a sleek and warm interior respectively.
  4. Bohemian – There are very few rules when it comes to this type of interior design thus it is very carefree. You can design your space with vintage items and collections obtained from travelling across the globe. You can also opt for just pillows on the floor instead of seats. It entirely depends on what you prefer.