Answering Some Commonly Asked Questions About Glass Shower Screens

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Answering Some Commonly Asked Questions About Glass Shower Screens

25 October 2017
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A glass shower screen can be a good choice for your home, as the glass will keep the space open and bright, and may also look cleaner than an old shower curtain and liner. A secure screen can also be safer for someone with balance issues, as grabbing at a shower curtain while trying to maintain your balance won't stop you from falling and suffering injury. If you're thinking of having a glass shower screen installed in a bathroom of your home, note a few questions you might have about this piece, so you  know if it's the right choice.

Are framed doors weaker?

Some framed doors are thinner and less strong than frameless shower screens, as they rely on the strength of the metal frame to add durability. However, framed doors can be made of many thicknesses of glass, so that they're very strong and durable. If you're concerned about large pets, kids, or other such risks and hazards for the door, a framed option can be sufficient, but note that thick, hinged framed doors may be overly heavy. This can make them a bit cumbersome for those with balance issues or who lack upper body strength. If this is not a concern, you can easily choose a thick and heavy framed door that is very strong and secure overall.

Should other renovations come first, or should they work around the shower enclosure?

If you're renovating a bathroom, you may wonder if you should plan the shower enclosure first, so you can shop the sizes and types of shower screens that are available, and then plan your remodel around that. While a contractor can tell you if there are any parts of your remodelling plans that should take precedence, note that a shower screen can be custom made for your bathroom. There may be some limitations as to the size of a single panel, so that it's not overly heavy and will resist impact, but you can have several panels installed along one long shower enclosure. This allows you to plan a bathroom remodel to your preferences, without worrying about whether or not you can find a shower screen to fit.

Does clear glass get dirty faster?

Clear and etched glass hold the same amount of dirt, water marks, and other such debris, but clear glass may simply show these more easily. You can use a squeegee on the glass every day to avoid this, or invest in etched glass to hide those marks and keep them less visible overall.