Features to Have Included In Your Home's Custom Kitchen Cabinets

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Features to Have Included In Your Home's Custom Kitchen Cabinets

25 October 2017
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Having custom cabinets made for your home's kitchen can mean finally getting all the storage and organization features you've always wanted, and ensuring your kitchen works for your needs in particular. A custom cabinetmaker can usually install a variety of options in all the cabinets, cupboards, and drawers, so note a few of those that you don't want to overlook, to ensure you get the features you want in your home's new cabinetry.

Storage containers

Trying to organize all your storage containers in the kitchen can be a challenge, and you may find a cupboard or drawer soon drowning in plastic containers and lids. It can then get frustrating, trying to find the right lid to the right container, or having to dig through that mess every time you need to put away the leftovers. A good solution is to have a custom cabinetmaker create slots in a drawer for each size of container and lid, so they can stay separated and organized.

Bins and jars

If you use a lot of onions, potatoes, and other vegetables that don't need to be refrigerated, or items like flour and sugar, you may not want to waste counter space for these. A custom cabinetmaker can add bins in a lower drawer for each of these types of vegetables or ingredients, so they're neat and organized and at your fingertips, but also hidden away. If you love coffee, you might also have the same done for your various coffee beans, with different jars built right into a drawer, so these are also close at hand but not taking up counter space.  

Family calendaring centre

Even with smartphones and other technology, your family may still rely on an actual calendar in the kitchen to keep them organized. A custom cabinetmaker can create a small space that works just for this calendar, along with grocery lists, papers needed for school, and the like. The inside of one cabinet can be coated with chalkboard paint or with a pin board to hold papers, and shelves can be created to hold notepads, pens, and other such supplies.

Child's centre

Having a child help themselves to snacks from the kitchen can mean not having to get up every time the child is hungry, but this won't work if they can't reach the cupboard. A cabinetmaker can create a set of cabinets that are at your child's height, with shelves for all the packaged goods and fresh fruit you want to keep at their fingertips.

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