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Asbestos Removal

26 October 2017
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Asbestos is a material that is a fibrous silicate, which is used for the purposes of noise proofing and fire proofing buildings. Asbestos has been in use since the 1940s for various reasons, including decorative purposes and noise prevention. There are various items that are made from asbestos including drainage and water pipes, guttering, fibro sheeting and roofing shingles. However, even though it is used in a variety of ways, the use of asbestos is dangerous, due to it being a carcinogenic substance and causing dangerous health issues. This is the reason why asbestos removal is important.

The Removal of Asbestos

There are many dangers related to asbestos, which requires its removal to be rather important. However, it is vital to discover whether the asbestos has in fact contaminated the area before the removal process begins. This step can only be established by a skilled professional who will test the area for contamination. Potential contamination cannot be revealed by merely looking at, or studying an area. Asbestos removal should idealistically be carried out by a professional, as there are several dangers and health risks involved. Therefore, what is the correct way to remove asbestos?

Asbestos Abatement and Removal

Permits and Agreements

The first step in this procedure is to obtain permits or grants from the local government. These permits will provide a detailed account and guide you on the process of removing the asbestos, along with the correct procedure of asbestos disposal once the job has been completed. There will also be an application form to complete, which states that you are taking all relevant steps to ensure the safe removal and disposal of the asbestos. This application will act as a guarantee, in such situations where there are comebacks from neighbouring properties or passers-by.

Correct Equipment Use

Having the right equipment for disposing asbestos is essential. Such equipment includes:

  • overalls

  • gloves

  • boots

  • protective masks

  • knives

  • water sprays

  • hoses

  • breathing respirators

  • washing detergent

  • seal bags

It is essential that only a professional abatement team with all the correct training is hired to carry out the procedure of removing asbestos. It is normal practice for at least 2 people to be working on an asbestos removal job, so that one can clear the material whilst the other person disposes of it.

The Procedure

The procedure should be as follows:

1. When scraping the material off, it is important not to mix it with air. It is this that can lead to it being inhaled, which can pose as a danger.

2. Ensure that all windows and doors remain closed throughout the process to avoid contamination.

3. Ensure that people are made aware that asbestos removal is taking place.

4. Do not drop scraped sheets from a height. Instead lower them slowly and gently.

5. Be careful not to touch or handle scraped asbestos, as it can release material into the air.

6. It is imperative that the material is kept wet at all times.

7. One person should scrape off the material,, and another person should pack it into special air tight bags.

8. Material should be disposed of as quickly as possible.

9. Dispose of all clothing used in asbestos removal without haste.

If you feel that you have asbestos contamination, it is vital that the matter is dealt with immediately.