4 Ways to Protect Your Lilies From Pets

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4 Ways to Protect Your Lilies From Pets

13 November 2017
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Lilies are beautiful and improve the aesthetics of your compound. However, it is necessary to take steps to protect them from animals that can trample on them. It takes time to receive delivery of lily bulbs, plant them and slowly watch them grow until they start flowering. As such, any animal that tramples on them is a huge inconvenience. Below are some ways that you can protect your lilies from pets in your home:

Invest in a glass balustrade

A balustrade provides a barrier between animals and your flowers. Once you have decided on the exact location where you will plant the flowers, you will then put up a glass balustrade around them. This will prevent any contact that animals have with your plants. An advantage of a glass balustrade is that it does not obstruct the beauty of the flowers. Another benefit of a glass balustrade is that it is also beautiful and this complements the beauty of the flowers.

Plant them indoors

You can avoid the problem altogether by planting your lilies indoors. However, you need to choose the location carefully since lilies grow well in places where there is plenty of sunshine. Some of the areas that you can consider include next to the windows or on the balconies. Just make sure that your pets cannot access the selected areas. Since you will be closer to your flowers, you will also take better care of them.

Use a raised platform

Another trick you can use to avoid getting your flowers trampled over is constructing a raised concrete platform and then planting your lilies on top of it. Based on the height of this structure, few animals can have access to the vases. However, building this platform should be done with the assistance of a landscape expert. This ensures that it complements the rest of the compound and it does not result in an ugly scene. 

Install an invisible fence

The chances of having your flowers trampled by pets increases when you have more of them. Pets spend a lot of time outdoors, and you should expect to find them playing in your garden. This can be avoided by installing an invisible fence around the garden. A collar will then be placed on the neck of your pets and will deliver an electric shock once they cross over the invisible barrier set around the garden. Installing this system can be expensive, but it guarantees that your flowers will bloom freely.