Questions You Might Have About Double-Glazed Windows

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Questions You Might Have About Double-Glazed Windows

13 November 2017
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Double-glazed windows are often recommended to homeowners when they're in the market for new windows, as double glazing will offer more sound and temperature insulation than single panes. Double-glazed windows are also sturdier and less likely to rattle over the years, and upgrading to double-glazed windows may even improve your home's overall resale value. If you're shopping for new windows and aren't sure the best choice for your home, note a few questions you might have about double-glazed panes so you know why they're often recommended, and why they may be the best investment for your home.

Do double-glazed windows get dust between the panes?

Properly sealed, double-glazed windows should not hold dust, dirt, humidity, or anything else between the panes. However, if you do notice any such debris starting to show in the middle of the windows, it's time to have them repaired or replaced. The seals may have broken or one of the panes of glass may have tiny scratches and cracks that are now allowing in those contaminants. Don't attempt to fix this problem yourself, as double-glazed windows need to have air or argon gas put between those panes to keep them secure and keep them from rattling against each other, and this work is best left to a professional.

Can double-glazed windows be made with self-cleaning glass?

The type of glass used for double-glazed windows will depend on the manufacturer, but note that there may be some issues with self-cleaning glass for residential windows. This type of glass usually has chemicals on its surface that react when exposed to bright sunlight, causing them to cling to dirt on the glass, and which then get washed away when rain hits the glass. However, residential windows are usually protected from both direct sun and rain by roof eaves, awnings, shade trees and the like, so self-cleaning glass may not be as effective as you assume.

Are triple-glazed windows a better investment?

Triple-glazed windows can offer your home more temperature and sound insulation, but this added insulation isn't always worth the added cost of triple-glazed windows. If you live very close to an airport or noisy highway, or right across the street from a noisy school, then the added sound insulation offered by triple-glazed windows may be needed. Likewise, if your home is lacking good insulation in the attic and walls, triple-glazed windows can keep the interior more comfortable. These are rare exceptions for most homeowners, who can suffice with the insulation offered by more affordable double-glazed windows.