Designing your kitchen with colour

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Designing your kitchen with colour

12 March 2018
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Preparing and serving delicious food is as much about presentation as the way a dish tastes. Chefs and impassioned home cooks spend their creative hours injecting flavour and excitement into their meals through the use of colourful ingredients that catch the eye and intrigue diners to take that first taste.

Your kitchen itself is no different, and designing your kitchen with colour will not only enliven your cooking experience, it will entice your guests to enjoy the space, and the food you create there.

Here's your guide to designing your kitchen with colour.

Black and white

Never underestimate the power of contrast. A black and white kitchen is bold, sleek and will never go out of style. Pair kitchen benchtops of deep red, grey or black hardwoods with light catching white cabinets to make the most of the contrast, or try a wholly white kitchen with black fixtures and features, such as taps and pendant lighting, for a more subtle take on this bold theme.

Blues and greens

This season's cabinets and benchtops are taking a turn towards bold colours, and blues and greens in all palettes are leading the charge. From deep forest greens to the palest aquas and sky blues, have a little fun with your kitchen benchtops and inject a note of cool into the hottest of rooms.

Blended materials

For a truly exciting look, experiment with blending materials. Try an oiled timber island and matching cabinets beside a black or white laminate benchtop, or pair chrome appliances and plumbing fixtures with creamy marble countertops. With such a wide array of materials on the market, how can you restrict yourself?

Try tiles

Your tiles will form your backsplash and, in some instances, your flooring. Whether you opt for sensible ceramic, sleek and sombre slate or the luxurious veining of marble, your tiles will tell much of the story of your design. Experiment with materials and patterns in your tiling, from bright Moroccan tiles to bold primary colours, metallic elements and stylish neutrals. Run tiles as a border around your walls, or try a tiled inlay on an eat-in kitchen table or on the benchtop itself. You'll be surprised by the results!

Whether you're engaging a designer or you plan on purchasing your kitchen wholesale, you'll be amazed at the diversity of materials, colours and combinations available to you. Why settle for the ordinary when you can enjoy a colourful kitchen, fabulous food and great company?