The Best Blinds for Reducing Your Energy Bills

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The Best Blinds for Reducing Your Energy Bills

31 July 2018
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When conserving energy is at the top of your financial agenda you may spend a lot of time trying to cut down on your energy usage. Two of the biggest culprits in terms of energy expenditure in Australia are air conditioning and heating. Although minimising their use is effective, you may also want to consider purchasing blinds that help your HVAC's efforts go further.  

Blinds that feature aluminium linings

While the sun tries its hardest to heat the area outside your home, your HVAC spends time fighting back. If you're leaving your curtains open when you leave your house, your air conditioning will put a lot of effort into maintaining a comfortable temperature. Installing blinds with aluminium linings forces the sun to bounce in the other direction. As a result, your home absorbs less heat, allowing it to remain cool. While it may seem as though aluminium blinds don't match many interiors, it is possible to paint them. Depending on where you buy your blinds you may be able to create a classic look.

Honeycomb blinds that trap the air and make your property energy efficient

Blinds that feature honeycomb pockets come with a handy feature: they trap air, delaying the heat that could move into your house. Depending on the weather conditions in your area, you may save up to 25 percent on your energy bills when you install them. Similarly, if you're trying to stay warm in the winter, the honeycomb features on your blinds will prevent heat escaping, allowing you to turn your central heating down.

Venetian blinds may still work, but only with blackout material beneath

If you don't want to settle for anything less than a classic look, you might gravitate towards Venetian blinds. Unfortunately, while they're aesthetically pleasing, they're not the most effective choice when it comes to keeping heat or cold at bay. But, if installing them is important to you, you can buffer them by installing a blackout blind closer to the window. As blackout blinds prevent light from entering your home, they result in less heat, leading to lower energy bills. If you're a shift worker, you may also enjoy the way they simulate night time throughout your property, allowing you to get some sleep after working throughout the night.

Installing new blinds is usually a big investment, which is why you need to consider the long-term benefits. While it may cost a little more to try an energy-friendly fitting right now, the reduction in your energy bills will make the investment worthwhile.