4 Different Uses for Shade Sails

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4 Different Uses for Shade Sails

5 October 2018
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Shade sails have one basic function, that of generating some shade in a desired location. Therefore, you might be forgiven for thinking that these devices only have one use. This could not be further from the truth because shade is needed – or at least desirable – for a myriad of different reasons. If you are thinking about a shade sail installation and wondering about the ways in which you could use one, then read on to discover the four most popular reasons people in Australia have for purchasing them.

1. Creating an Outdoor Room 

Like garden structures, such as pergolas or gazebos, shade sails do more than generate a shaded area when they are installed at a residential address. They also become part of the garden, adding height and structure to it. Garden designers often refer to this sort of garden concept as a room. With a shade sail, you can make a room in your garden as distinct from the patio, the open lawn and your borders. They make a shaded spot which means it will be put to different purpose from the rest of the plot, perhaps just for socialising beneath during the heat of the day.

2. Covered Parking

Shade sails are a cost-effective alternative to garages and carports. Since they make shade in exactly the spot you want it to be in, they are great for covering a section or two of your home's driveway. What's more, shade sails used to create parking covers can be installed to just the right height to protect your vehicle no matter how big or small it happens to be.

3. Ultraviolet Protection

Shading is great because it allows you to get out of the direct heat of the sun. However, even dappled light and shading that is generated from light-coloured awnings can allow unwanted ultraviolet light to get through. With the right sort of material chosen for your shade sail, you can be outside and remain fully-protected from these sorts of rays which are not good for your skin if you are exposed to them for prolonged periods.

4. Cooling Your Home

Finally, shade sails aren't just about making shade in your garden. When installed close to your home, they will make a shade that falls across your windows and glazed doors. If the rear of your home opens up onto your garden, then it can get hot inside if you see a lot of sun. Shade sails deal with this problem effectively.