Is Timber Flooring All Its Cracked Up to Be?

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Is Timber Flooring All Its Cracked Up to Be?

28 May 2020
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Although it is fair to point out that timber flooring can be more expensive than other options you could choose for your home, wood is almost always worth that bit extra. Okay, you might be forgiven for choosing a wood-effect vinyl or one of the impressive timber-style laminates that are around. Both can look really good. They're also practical choices in kitchens and bathrooms, for example, but they are not the same as real wood. Why do timber floors still have so much appeal?

Warmth Underfoot

Although some flooring systems look like wood, they will never feel like the real thing no matter how well designed they are. When you walk over a wooden floor, it simply feels that much more opulent and classy. Of course, real wooden floors are also warmer underfoot, so they offer a little bit of luxury when you first get up in the morning before you put your shoes and socks on. This is a feeling that never goes away as your floor ages, either. Buying timber flooring is about improving your lifestyle now and well into the future.


Of course, all flooring systems are designed to last and put up with a certain amount of punishment. In terms of durability, however, timber floors are a step up on just about anything else you could choose. Most are easy to repair if they do suffer from damage. For example, timber laminate sections can commonly be removed and replaced if they have something dropped on them that leaves a gouge. Minor damage can be removed simply by sanding them down.

Ease of Maintenance

One of the beautiful things about owning a timber floor is that it takes very little effort to keep looking good and hygienic. Wooden floors don't stain easily from spillages such as red wine or coffee. Just wiping them over is all it takes to get rid of such problems. They don't trap dirt and grime, either. This means that a quick mop over is all that is needed to remove muck and dust. Indeed, allergens won't get caught in your home as they can so easily do when carpets are laid. With timber flooring, you can simply brush them out of your house.

A Financial Investment

With a classic product in your home, such as a wooden floor, you are making it more appealing to would-be buyers. If you ever come to put your home up for sale, then the fact that it has wooden flooring will mean you are much more likely to maximise your sales price.