Top Tips for Controlling Houseplant Pests

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Top Tips for Controlling Houseplant Pests

24 September 2020
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According to research, being close to nature can help to reduce stress and improve sleep, two critical ingredients to living a quality, happy life. While the outdoors are the best place to interact with nature, most people would prefer to bring the outdoors inside their homes through plants. However, home plants are a significant source of pests, and it can be both annoying and embarrassing if you do not know how to eliminate the pests. Luckily, this article highlights easy tips for getting rid of houseplant pests.

Inspect New Plants

The first step towards controlling houseplant pests is to inspect any new plants before you bring them inside your home. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not do this because they believe that houseplants are pest-free. However, nothing could be further from the truth because nurseries or gardening centres carry a myriad of pests. Therefore, ensure that you inspect your houseplants thoroughly, whether you buy them online or directly from a nursery. For instance, check leaves for strange spots that could indicate the presence of pests such as aphids and spider mites. Also, inspect stems as well as the soil because these are perfect hiding spots for houseplant pests. You should only bring plants to your home when you are sure they do not have bugs.

Do Not Overwater Houseplants

Plants need adequate amounts of water for healthy growth. However, most homeowners go overboard when watering their plants, not knowing that doing so creates the perfect environment for houseplant pests. See, excess moisture is arguably one of the greatest contributing factors that attract houseplant pests. Pests such as fungus gnats lay their eggs in overly moist soils, and you might end up dealing with a pest infestation within a short time. Therefore, it is crucial to rely on a schedule when watering your plants to avoid excess moisture. Generally, it is recommended that you only water your houseplants when the soil feels dry.

Spray Soapy Water

Most times, houseplant pests are attracted to your home by the aroma of plants. Therefore, when you spot bugs around your houseplants, it's crucial to eliminate them before they have time to lay eggs. One of the most natural remedies of deterring pests from cramming your plants is spraying the flowers and leaves with soapy water. Remember to use small amounts of soapy water because dousing your plants with the solution is counterproductive for healthy growth.

Be sure to contact a pest control specialist if any infestation gets out of hand.