Top Trends in Pool Shades

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Top Trends in Pool Shades

21 July 2021
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Many people like to lie by a poolside and allow their bodies to absorb vitamin D from the early morning sun. However, most people in this cohort agree that the afternoon sun is a different story because the direct heat can be very uncomfortable. As a result, some property owners retreat into their houses or sit by a deck to avoid the direct sun. Pool shades are an excellent investment for this group because the structures extend the amount of time pool owners spend in or by the facility. While some people prefer to buy regular pool shades, it is vital to scour the market for unique designs that add more to your space. This article highlights top pool shade trends.

Pool Shades with a Misting System 

The primary purpose of a pool shade is to protect users from the scorching sun. However, summers can be uncomfortable even when you are under a shade, particularly in humid regions. It might explain the increasing popularity of pool shades equipped with a misting system. As the name suggests, a misting system is a series of special mist nozzles installed inside a pool shade, releasing mist (extremely tiny water droplets) within the structure. As the water droplets evaporate, the hot air around a pool shade cools, making users comfortable.

Louvred Shades 

Sometimes, swimmers want a little bit of sunlight inside a swimming pool, especially around midmornings. The subtle heat from the midmorning sun makes swimming enjoyable. Unfortunately, it is impossible with pool shades that have a solid cover. Although polycarbonate shades allow some light through, they still prevent direct rays from hitting the pool. Louvred pool shades are a brilliant solution because they operate the same way louvred windows do. If a user wants to allow light through a shade's roof, they must angle the louvres accordingly. On the other hand, if a pool owner wants to block sunlight completely, they only need to shut the louvres. The best part is that louvred pool shades have segments that move independently of other sections. Such flexibility makes it possible to leave one end of a pool shaded and the other open.

Floating Canopy 

Traditionally, pool shades are installed on solid surfaces on a poolside for structural integrity. However, such installation restricts a swimmer's movement unless a shade covers an entire pool's length and width. While some pool owners have the financial power to install an oversized shade, floating canopies are an excellent alternative. Floating canopies or floating cabanas consist of a vinyl shade material attached to floaters, such as pool noodles. The most significant advantage of floating canopies is that they can be placed anywhere within a pool. Therefore, they provide shade to a pool regardless of the sun's position.  

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